Dear Residents and Friends,

On the heels of summer’s official commencement, I want to reach out to you and highlight some of the efforts we’ve made this year to ensure we have an exciting 2018 summer in Deal. Our dynamic borough team has worked diligently this past year to accomplish many new initiatives. As always, these projects strive towards maintaining and improving upon our idyllic borough. We have begun work on many exciting projects this year and accomplished several of our goals.

Town maintenance has been of the highest priority. Multiple paving projects are now underway. We are currently in process of paving numerous streets including Pleasant Place, Phillips Avenue, and much of Roseld and Richmond Avenues. Norwood Avenue (from Neptune Avenue to Roseld Avenue) has already been completed.

Landscaping efforts are ongoing. In conjunction with the state, Norwood Avenue’s medians are in the process of being landscaped. Additionally, we have continued to plant several hundred trees throughout Deal and plan to continue with this ongoing effort.

These projects and accomplishments would not have been possible without the efforts of our incredible team and wonderful residents. We will continue to work towards ensuring Deal remains a scenic and safe environment for our residents and guests. The safety of our community and Deal’s visitors are of the greatest importance, as such, I would urge residents and guests to keep the proceeding in mind.
As some of our surrounding communities have experienced an increase in burglaries, please be sure to keep your cars and homes locked. We encourage residents to wear protective gear when riding bikes, and as always, we do ask drivers to refrain from texting, yield to pedestrian traffic as they have the right of way, and obey speed limits, traffic lights, and other signs.

I am confidents the summer of 2018 is going to be the best yet. Please allow me to extend my warmest wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer.