Hacham Matloub Abadi, zt”l


Thank you for commemorating the legacy of Hacham Matloub Abadi, zt”l  on his 50th yahrtzeit. Although the article was a bit too short, it did bring out an important point on how the best way to remember a Sage is to emulate him. Hacham Abadi certainly led by example. By learning his works, his commentaries, and his teachings on the Jewish way of life – he will remain in our hearts and minds forever.

Abraham P.

Escape from Syria

Last issue’s feature article about the experiences of the families of fellow community members while leaving Syria was so beautifully presented by our very own high school students (MDY and YOF Students Share Family Stories of Their Escape from Syria). Each one of us through our families, history, and experiences has a story that we must continue to tell. What is sad, is the stories of the 6.5 million Jews murdered within my lifetime in the Shoah, had stories that we will never know or hear. We must continue to tell our stories. Perhaps one day, our stories will pierce the hearts and minds of the “others,” and they will feel our tortured souls, and realize we all have to live in peace, for their children’s sake and for ours.

Charlotte N.

Do’s & Don’ts of Dating

Last month’s article about dating (The Do’s & Don’ts of Dating) was very informative. I have two daughters that are currently looking to get married. Unfortunately, many people think of dating as “just having fun” and the common values aspect is often disastrously ignored. Marriage is not “fun.” This is not a word that comes to my mind about it. That is not to say that one does not have fun in marriage – but marriage is about commitment and building a life together. Too many young people do not discuss matters of money, family, child rearing, faith, work ethics, and personal ethics. Once the “fun” wears off – the marriage is often, sadly, doomed.

Meryl S.

Unwanted Guest

Jido’s advice to the family who was stressed out about their guest who overstayed his welcome was spot on. Nothing will run someone off like giving them chores to do. If you find someone staying past their welcome after a party or a vacation, let them know they’re expected to start pitching in. Offer them some chores to do and make them pay their way if they’re going to stay –  then watch how quickly they run!

Part of the reason our friends and family take advantage of our charity is because of the level of comfort we offer them. Striving to be good hosts, we go above and beyond for our guest, often taking care of them more like a mother than a friend.

David E.

The Coronavirus

I would like to share the following medical advice that I just learned with your readers. In regards to the coronavirus, one of the first things you should do is get the flu vaccine. It is at least fifty percent effective this year. More importantly than preventing the flu, it reduces your risk of having two viral respiratory infections at the same time. It takes 10-14 days for your body to respond to the influenza vaccine to prevent getting sick from the flu. Get the influenza vaccine for your all your family members especially if they are over 45 years old. Let us hope and pray that the coronavirus will soon be history and our lives can get back to normal!

Eddie L.