Deal Community: IV Infusions and Phlebotomy Services Now Available in Your Home


There is a mom next door who, because of a medical condition, needs IV infusions regularly. But each time she needs the infusion, she has to travel to the hospital, wait to be admitted, then wait again for four long hours as the IV drips before traveling home. In addition to having to arrange for her children’s care, she needs someone to take her to the hospital and bring her home, because she is often too weak to drive after a treatment.

And as she sits there, waiting for her medication to finish dripping and staring at the wall, she thinks, “If only I could do this at home. I could be right there when my children get off the bus. I could sit comfortably next to them while they do their homework…instead of first arriving home at bedtime.”

And now she can! Through Lakewood Bikur Cholim, Deal patients who need phlebotomy, IV infusions, and COVID tests can get the medical care they need right at home. A team of trained, licensed, medical professionals, including PAs, NPs, ICU nurses, RNs, IV techs, and paramedics are now standing by. They are available to help deliver care immediately to both the homebound and those who simply cannot spend all day in the ER for their chronic illness.

Volunteers are also needed. Training is available for licensed nurses who would like to be able to help administer these services. A prescription from the doctor is needed and all insurance is accepted, including Medicaid.

The service is available 24 hours a day. For services, call the hotline at 866-905-3020 of Lakewood Bikur Cholim, and you will be transferred to the Deal dispatcher, who will send the appropriate medical professional. This service has already been life-changing for so many!

You can also call the Deal Area 24 Hour Hotline at 732 905 3020. To Volunteer or Donate please call or text: 732 443 7065.


ATIME Shasathon – A Magical Event

On Sunday, February 6th, over 300 people learned the entire shas in one day under one roof! ATIME’s annual Shasathon was once again a huge success – both spiritually and financially.

ATIME is devoted to assisting childless Jewish couples yearning for a baby of their own.

ATIME provides information, resources, and assistance at every step along the road to parenthood. Focusing on the larger picture of women’s health, they also address issues beyond the scope of infertility, touching hearts every step of the way. ATIME’s staff is at the forefront of reproductive technology, and our experts have access to major labs across the country and throughout the world.


When you support couples on the journey through infertility, you give them a priceless gift – the chance to build a family, to build their future. ATIME provides hope, medical guidance, and financial assistance to help couples finally attain their dreams of parenthood.



MDY High School’s Yom Iyun Shemitah Program

Last month, NCSY joined Magen David Yeshiva High School to conduct a yom iyun for the students on shemitah. After a speech about sacrifices (korbanot) from Rabbi Josh Grajower, MDY students rotated between three breakout sessions: letter writing to farmers keeping shemitah, trust workshops aimed to show us how much we must trust Hashem to put our parnasah in His hands, and the Urgent/Important Punnett Square, showing us that it is important to make time for the non-urgent responsibilities in your life. The MDY staff thanked Rabbi Gideon Black, Rabbi Josh Fagin, and Rabbi Josh Grajower, for bringing this program to their students.