Emotional Wellness – The Best Way Out 


One who suffers from LFT, low frustration tolerance, has difficulty tolerating unpleasant feelings or stressful situations. The term LFT was coined by psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis.  

Learning to Tolerate Discomfort and Waiting 

Of course, we all want to avoid stressful or uncomfortable situations. In fact, psychologist and author Dr. Sarah Edelman theorizes that trying to avoid discomfort is the primary cause of procrastination, as we may push off filling a cavity, ending a toxic relationship, improving an unhealthy lifestyle, or moving on from a dissatisfying job.  

But, as Robert Frost said, the best way out is always through. This means that in order to get to the other side, we must endure the dentist’s drill, the wrath of the individual from whom we are separating, a diet with fewer carbs and more fiber, or being left jobless until we land a more fulfilling position.  

Different types of people, of various ages, may exhibit LFT at different times. For people who suffer from attention deficit disorder, waiting for one’s turn patiently can be quite challenging. With training and modification of their current mindset, though, they can learn to tolerate waiting in line or turn-taking in conversation or when playing a game. They can also learn to tolerate boredom, to realize that it’s okay to be bored.  

The Gift of the Present 

With just a bit more insight and reframing, adults and children alike have the capacity to alter their current experience from feeling bored to feeling “present.” Boredom is brought on by a lack of stimulation. Being present with ourselves, being mindful of our thoughts and feelings, is anything but boring. Our curiosity about who we are, without external stimulation, can lead to exploring thoughts about growth and about the inner workings of our minds, which can help us appreciate our infinite potential.   

According to Dr. Ellis, LFT is one of the main aspects of emotional unhealthiness, because we tend to seek instant gratification in order to avoid discomfort.  

It is human nature to avoid pain and seek pleasure without delay. Animals, who have little emotional capacity and are not rational beings, live only in the moment and act instinctually. However, Gd created human beings with the ability to see the future consequences of our actions.   


Include Sidebar: TAKEAWAY 

Although we may prefer to spend our entire day lounging on the couch with an iced coffee and a novel, we are able to overcome the present dilemma (whether to get up or to stay put) by realizing that we can sacrifice fleeting pleasure for lasting satisfaction. 


Even if you are not in the mood to go to work or to be productive at home, as you begin your day keep this idea in mind – that if we ditch the fleeting pleasure (the novel and iced coffee) we can achieve lasting satisfaction.