Letters October 2021

Words of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour  After reading last month’s cover story (How To Get Your Prayers Answered), I just had to write in thanking Rabbi Eli Mansour for his inspirational words, so appropriate before the High Holidays. Despite the fact that our prayers and actions on Rosh Hashanah impact the entire year, I sometimes Read More »

Letters September 2021

Remembering Rabbi Shlomo Lankry, zt”l Thank you for such a heartfelt tribute to Rabbi Lankry, zt”l (On Call for the Community – The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Shlomo Lankry). Rabbi Lankry was such a “giant” of  a man who will be sorely missed by so many in the community. May Hashem comfort his family Read More »

LETTERS August 2021

Leaving No Stone Unturned Last month’s cover story about the Morris I. Franco Cancer Center & Medical Referral was spot  on.  However, there are not enough words that describe the hesed all of the volunteers do. I was diagnosed with cancer and unaware of the programs available at the cancer center.  Fortunately, my daughter-in-law was, Read More »

LETTERS July 2021

“I Was Wrong” Last month’s editorial by Rabbi Mansour (“The Three Most Difficult Words”) was right on the mark. His inspiring message needs to be spread world-wide. Many times we fail to see the benefit of simple, yet important things like admitting our failures. Saying, “I was wrong," usually brings more happiness and satisfaction to Read More »

Letters June 2021

Summer Camp Although last month’s article about summer camp (Summer Camp: A Privilege or a Right?) did mention a few solid reasons why a child should go to camp – I just don’t agree with the whole concept. I find it difficult to understand why parents are so eager to send their children away.  Summer is Read More »

Letters May 2021

Kudos Last month's publication was second to none. Every article - from the opening column to the very last column - was a pleasure to read. The cover story about how the Flatbush Community Fund has been assisting our family, friends, and neighbors was truly inspirational. The article about how the Abraham Accords has boosted Read More »

LETTERS April 2021

Community Ingenuity Last month’s cover story (Ingenuity in the Face of a Shutdown) about some of our community’s successful entrepreneurs was truly inspirational. The economic crisis due to the pandemic can feel challenging and terrifying, but the article showed how the current environment can be an ambitious time for young entrepreneurs to launch the startup Read More »

LETTERS March 2021

Community Weddings I really enjoyed last month’s cover story. My immediate reaction when I read the title on the cover – “Will Weddings Ever Be the Same?” was “I certainly hope not!” I am hoping that when things get back to “normal” the circuses that we called weddings will be a thing of the past. Read More »

Letters January 2021

Making Aliyah Last month’s cover story “Is the Land of Israel on Your Mind?” was about a very timely topic. Sadly, homeland and nationhood have been so thoroughly blotted from Jewish consciousness for so long that many Jews don't even realize dispersion in exile is a very undesirable state of affairs from Judaism's perspective. The Read More »

LETTERS December 2020

A New Era? I totally disagree with the message of last month’s cover story (A New Era?), which suggested that a Joe Biden presidency would not be good for Israel. While I do agree that Trump was great for Netanyahu – I feel that Biden will be much better for Israel. For Israelis and Americans, Read More »

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