Hashem Has His Agents Everywhere – Even in CVS???

Pnina S. Souid

The Mitzvah Man was in CVS purchasing $600 worth of clothing gift cards for a needy family. The family was waiting for the gift cards that day so that they would be able to purchase new outfits. The Mitzvah Man was not anticipating any problems and chose six $100 cards. He gave the cashier his own credit card for payment.

The cashier replied, “I am sorry sir, but your credit card is not going through.”

The Mitzvah Man responded, “That is impossible! There is a substantial credit line on this credit card. Please try again.”

After three attempts the cashier told The Mitzvah Man, “I am sorry sir, but this card is invalid.”

Invalid? What will I do? The Mitzvah Man felt himself go into panic mode. He promised this family the cards that very day to buy new clothes for the holidays. He just could not let them down!

By now there was a considerable line behind him. A man came up to him and said, “Here is my credit card. Charge what you want on it.”

The Mitzvah Man looked at him incredulously. “Thank you but I am purchasing $600 worth of gift cards.”

“No explanation needed, I don’t care what you need the card for; whether it is for yourself or someone else. Take my credit card, use it and there is no need to pay me back. I know that whatever you need it for it is going to a good cause.”

“Thank you so much. This is going to a needy family and they are waiting for me to bring these cards to them right now.”

Baruch Hashem, the Mitzvah Man was able to keep his promise to this family and dropped off the cards as soon as he left the store.

Hashem has His agents everywhere – even in CVS!


It was an ordinary day for the Mitzvah Man Organization. Various calls were received, and the dedicated volunteers went about their hesed work without any fanfare. Then a call came in from Lakewood, NJ.

The person on the phone explained the reason for the call. “We just opened a new shul in Lakewood, NJ and barely had the funds to do this. We don’t have our own Sefer Torah. For the past two weeks, since we opened, we leave our shul to go to a nearby shul to listen to the reading of the Torah and then go back to our own shul. We will be happy with a used kosher Sefer Torah. Perhaps, someone has one to lend until we can get our own.”

The Mitzvah Man responded, “I have no idea where to get a Sefer Torah for you. Let me network and I’ll get back to you if anything materializes.”

A text was sent out on the Mitzvah Man volunteer line and one volunteer responded.

“I own a brand-new Sefer Torah. It is in my shul, but they don’t really need it. I would like to see it go to good use. Tell the Lakewood boys it is theirs to keep. No charge!”

The following Shabbat was the very first Shabbat that this shul was able to have their own reading of the Torah.

Hashem loves when Am Yisrael networks. He loves to see His children work together – especially strangers.