Riddles – March 2021


Stop and Go


Usually, red means “Stop” and green means “Go.” But can you think of a situation in which red means ‘Go” and green means “Stop”?

Last Month’s Riddle: Cats & Dogs

Fido is staring only at Jamie, but Jamie is staring only at Felix. Fido is a dog and Felix is a cat. Jamie is either a cat or a dog, but you don’t know which. Given just this information, is a dog looking at a cat – or are you unable to know for sure?

Solution: A dog is looking at a cat. If Jamie is a cat, then Fido (dog) is looking at a cat. If Jamie is a dog, then Jamie is looking at Felix (cat). Either way, a dog is looking at a cat.

Solved by: Claudine Soffer, Abraham Bamshad, Lauren Lacher, Little Mike, Nathan Mishan, Fortune Ayal, Jennifer Sitt, and Nehorai Avikasis.

Junior Riddle: Lost and Found

What is lost whenever it is shared?


Last Month’s Junior Riddle: At The Market

The grocery store is charging the prices listed below for milk, juice, cheese, and butter. Your aunt buys one of each, plus spends an additional $7.50 on other products. In her purse, she has several $1, $2, $5, and $10 bills. What is the least number of bills your aunt can use to pay for her groceries? (she does not have any coins).

Milk: $2.25 / Juice: $2.75 / Cheese: $1.50 / Butter: $3.50

SOLUTION: Two bills. The four items total $10. With the additional $7.50 – the total is $17.50. You need bills that add up to a minimum of $18. To equal exactly $18, you would need 4 bills. Instead, you can use just two bills by giving the cashier two $10 bills.

Solved by: Haim S., Lauren Lacher, Nathan Mishan, Fortune Ayal, Jennifer Sitt, The Shmulster, Nehorai Avikasis, Little Mike, and Big Mike.